So Much Can Happen

So much can happen in less than a month!

It’s been so crazily hectic over the last few weeks that I am so glad to have had a lazy Sunday at last.

One of the nicest things that happened was that finally we got around to opening a children’s library in our apartment complex. There are three of us in this venture. One is a hot-shot editor with a leading publishing house who’s edited a veritable who’s who list of Indian authors. The other is a polyglot, ex-teacher of kids with special needs in the US, amazingly talented with kids. And then, somehow in this exotic mix, is me! 🙂

It is indeed my good fortune to have joined hands with this talented duo, and what a ball we had setting up the whole thing, right from the piles and piles of books to late-night cataloging, dorky selfies, many cups of tea, and hysterical fits of laughing till tears ran down our cheeks! Now we can boast of a lovely library with 900+ books for the children of our apartment complex. It is beyond wonderful, honestly!

Then, we decided to throw a surprise birthday party for a really good friend. The challenge was to keep it a surprise, for she is the master of surprises herself, and it was an almost impossible task to pull off. But rally together we did, and it ended up being one of the most memorable parties ever! The look on her face was priceless.

And then, I’ve joined a writing program that is on every weekend, and which comes with its own set of deadlines and challenges. Apart from this, I am also part of a writer’s group that submits and critiques stories every month. So, needless to say, this was yet another thing on my to-do list.

Work suddenly peaked and I was spending nights working, and having groggy mornings.

My health decided to act up and so did D’s. D’s exams too loomed large over the horizon. I am better now, D’s mysterious ailment is disappearing too, and hopefully, the exams will get over before we know it.

All in all, an absolutely crazy month, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. What’s more fun than a packed day doing all the things you love?

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