Down To Earth or Larger Than Life?

I watched two very different movies recently.

Masaan was a movie that impressed me with its writing/editing. This is the second movie, the other being Kaaka Muttai, in which I found the scenes chosen and crafted carefully, with no extraneous scenes at all. Everything was relevant to the storyline. The movie was so authentic, yet so beautifully shot. The boy-girl love story was really so cute, yet so completely realistic, and the casting could not have been more perfect! On a personal note, I too have used Benares as the backdrop for my prize-winning story City of Gods (which I’m very fond of), with the theme of modernity straining for release from the centuries of history and religious culture. So I felt very happy to see a somewhat similar theme. Benares is really a different experience altogether.

Baahubali was the other movie I caught. What a movie! I loved it. True, the story is the usual larger than life legendary figure, some of the songs could have easily been dispensed with, and Tamanna was a very weak link, both story-wise and acting-wise. However, the sheer lavish scale of the movie, the attention to detail, the way every frame is so lovingly mounted, and of course, the special effects, make the movie really worth watching. Especially the war scenes. They are beautifully done, and plunges the viewer right into the middle of the action. I’ve never seen any movie that takes the viewer along the complete war path, right from the strategy, to the retreat, and then to the glorious victory. The scenes are extremely effective without being explicit, and that’s the beauty of the whole second half of this movie. The cliff-hanger ending is a fantastic way to wrap up the first part. I actually felt proud that an Indian moviemaker had not only been so ambitious and aimed so high, but had delivered on it.

So, down to earth, or larger than life? Which did I prefer?

Honestly, you need both to make life interesting, don’t you? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Down To Earth or Larger Than Life?

  1. Yet to watch Masaan, heard its good..
    I did watch Bahubali… and yes.. if the few songs were chopped off, it would have been a better… The views were beautiful and the sets so elaborate and worth the money. Loved the war sequence too… I liked that chopper+chariot which Rana uses

    Have you seen the kannada movie Rangi Taranga… If not, do try… again barring a few songs in the second half, its a very good movie.. Advisable not to take kids along…

      • Lucia is an awesome movie.. Also, check out Ulidavaru kandante… I also liked simple aagi ondu love story.. even though there are references to a certain English movie.. its definetly worth a watch 🙂

  2. Yes, I heard so much about Ulidavaru … too, but ended up missing that as well. Thanks for the reccos!

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