Last week, I cracked a problem at work.

The issue was a long-pending one, and I kept returning to it on and off, in between other things that were higher on the priority list. It was a niggling problem that didn’t respond to any of the obvious troubleshooting techniques. Last week, I resumed work on it, and there were so many times when I felt the solution was so close at hand, almost at my fingertips, but it remained hell-so-elusive!

Finally, I got a breakthrough almost through serendipity. As I tested and re-tested to ensure my conclusions were correct, my level of euphoria rose. When I could successfully claim to have cracked the problem, I felt almost like yelling “Eureka!” The root of the problem was so crazily unrelated, no wonder it remained unresolved through the traditional methods I had adopted earlier.

These kinds of moments are getting rarer these days. I find myself unable to be completely absorbed by anything. Books seem repetitive, movies appear cliched, and I just don’t have the energy to indulge in a high level of personal interaction any more with other people.

Last couple of weeks, I also choreographed a couple of dances for DD (about time she graduated from Lil D to Dear D, right?) and her friend for some dance contests. Again, this hardly kept me engaged. I’m saying and doing all the expected things, but the level of boredom below is simmering constantly.

I really want something I could sink my teeth into, something that keeps me immersed completely, so that when I look at the clock, I go – “Wow!”, instead of  “Just 5 mins have passed?” I guess I could set myself up to as many challenges as I want, but that’s the thing. I don’t want to do a challenge just for the sake of challenge; I’ve done that for the past year, trying out many new things just for the sake of pushing myself. I want the immersion to happen organically.

Hmmm, maybe I should go and immerse myself in cleaning up the house. But unfortunately, that does not qualify as a Eureka-moment in my books. Any suggestions? 🙂

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