The Rain in Spain

I just cannot bring myself to write about our travels during our holidays. When I read travelogues, they seem flow so beautifully, have such interesting details, and make the holiday just amazing.

When I begin to write something like that, or should I say, attempt to write something like that, it soon degenerates into almost a bullet-point list of where we went and what we saw. If people were really interested, I think, they would just google up the details, and contact a travel agent for more, right? So, even if I’ve had an absolutely blow-your-mind holiday, it would come across as unexciting as a walk in the park. Believe me, a walk in the park would probably sound much more exciting!

So without further ado, let me acknowledge that we had a wonderful and most relaxing vacation in Spain this May, and here is my bullet-point list.

We started with Madrid where the Buen Retiro Park made me want to retire right there with its broad avenues, strumming musicians, skaters, roller-bladers, lovely lake choc-a-bloc with rowers, and a heavenly rose garden with roses as big as cabbages! The Prado museum was a revelation, and made me realize that I didn’t understand Picasso at all! Oh, and I almost forgot the Real Madrid stadium, where we took a picture with Homer Simpson, of all the people.

Then we took a high-speed RENFE train to Sevilla, where we marvelled at the beautiful Alcazar palace, admired the gorgeous cathedral which had the tomb of Christopher Columbus, loitered a bit in the splendid Plaza de Espana, took a restful boat cruise, enjoyed the flamboyance of flamenco, and finally feasted on paella at a riverside restaurant while the bright evening deepened into a shimmering dusk.

The next stop was Granada, and the awesome Alhambra , through which we were ably guided by the wise William, a guide who gave us much insight into the history of Granada. We visited a monastery also, which reminded me of my school.

We wrapped up with Barcelona, the city of FC Barcelona and the trio of Messi, Neymar, and Suarez. How could we not pay homage to the FC Barcelona stadium? We checked out the La Sagrada Familia unfinished church, that began construction in 1882 and planned end date is 2026! Makes our Namma Metro seem like it’s being developed at jet speed, no?! The Magic Fountain of Montjuic was enchanting. Barcelona was a typical bustling metropolis. We saw and interacted with quite a few shopkeepers and waiters from the sub-continent, and had tapas at a trendy cafe on the Las Ramblas.

Then it was back to good ole Bangalore, and after days of pizza and sandwiches and salads, we had a great breakfast of idli-vada-sambar-dosa at Adigas.

And I discovered the true meaning of a holiday: an interlude that makes you realize how much you miss your routine life! 🙂

There – in less than 500 words. And not a drop of rain in Spain. Unseasonably hot instead!

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