Movie Hat-trick

I had the rare opportunity of not only watching three fantastic movies, but watching them on three consecutive days!

The first one I saw was Dum Lagaa Ke Haisha. What a sweet gem of a movie this was. Perfectly made, with just the right balance and the right length for once! Very natural, so relatable, and for once, it showcased an unconventional heroine who had brains, not just beauty. She looked so comfortable with herself. The hero was not a macho muscleman, but a real person, with real misgivings, fears, and confusion. I loved the resolution. There was no falling at each other’s feet, or any such dramatic stuff, there was just a gentle realignment of views and they clicked. Though the race itself could have been mishandled and made completely melodramatic, it was done with finesse. A fine, very well-made movie, and I was glad I didn’t miss it.

The second was Birdman. For me, the one word that captured the movie was ‘intense’. I was utterly engrossed and captivated from the beginning. The little voice inside your head that drives you nuts, the artistic angst, that deep-seated desire to outdo yourself, the doubts that keep holding you back…everything about this movie was beautiful to me. The cinematography was haunting in the way it induced a kind of claustrophobia, a kind of feeling that you’re being stalked all the time. It was just awesome, it was so perfect for the setting of the movie. I loved it all. The ending was yet another sit-back-and-go-wow ending.

The last was Whiplash. To be honest, after watching Birdman, I was ready to be taken to another level of intensity. So the initial part of Whiplash, though excellent in all its nuances and narration, didn’t exactly excite me. It seemed to take a rather predictable arc, though the teacher-student relationship was one that made you cringe quite a bit. And then came the ending. Oh boy! I literally had goose-bumps at that mind-blowing finale! How beautifully captured, what fantastic music, and what intricately choreographed scenes! That finale single-handedly made the movie superlative. At the very end, when the screen blacked out after a final flourish, there was actually applause in the theatre, as if it were a live performance.

After a really long time, I got to see movies that made me FEEL. And that was really marvellous!

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