Settle down for a leisurely read of the morning newspaper, and bam! The metro section has whole pages devoted to what’s happening around town. There are plays to attend, music and dance performances to enjoy, talks and lectures galore, meets and treats a-plenty. Your ten minutes of newspaper reading is replaced by this restless feeling that you’re not really doing anything worthwhile in this city.

Check your email, and whoosh! Inundated with events happening around the community, a spot-fix here, a protest there, a tournament here, a gathering there. Here a thing, there a thing, everywhere a thing, thing! And what do you plan to attend? Absolutely nothing, ’cause, you know, the child has a party and a test (yeah right!), and you’ve got some errands to run, and checkups that can take the whole day… That restless feeling surfaces again, and you wonder if you really can’t take out the time, or just won’t.

Login to Facebook, and the whole world appears to be doing So Much More with their time. A tiny part of you does acknowledge that it’s actually different people doing different things, but it all coalesces into one giant “THEY” against one tiny “you”.

Go down for a walk with friends, and hear what great bargains they got in the sales, and which movies they saw, and what yummy dishes they’ve cooked. You console yourself that you’re not really into sales, none of the movies lately are worth watching, and as for cooking, the less said the better. But you’re acutely aware that there’s a whole world out there that you’re missing.

If there’s only something more I could do, you muse, as you put in your hours of official work, cook all meals (since your cook has decided to take the day off), run quick visits to the store, attend your dance class, help out your parents, do some prep work for the upcoming (yet again theme!) birthday party, run around for your apartment block dinner that you’re helping out with, follow-up on vacation plans, and of course, write your blog post. And it’s just six in the evening, there are another six hours to go at least before your day ends.



2 thoughts on “FOMO

  1. “A tiny part of you does acknowledge that itโ€™s actually different people doing different things, but it all coalesces into one giant โ€œTHEYโ€ against one tiny โ€œyouโ€. ” — Exactly!

    Every time I’m stuck doing humdrum chores, I remember you. Was it from a post, or from a conversation? I think in the context of people telling us to “enjoy every moment” – You’d said – These forgettable, everyday things are what life is made of. That’s why the occasional, unusual peaks excite us so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wow Shruthi! You’ve made my day quoting me! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    BTW, you are one of the THEY on FB, ๐Ÿ˜€

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