Raking It In

Though my tagline says that “Thoughts fall around me…”, I have seldom (I think never, actually) written on a collection of thoughts. I normally choose one thought and write on it. Today however, I feel like raking it all up and cleaning up the mental garden. So here goes:

1. Had an interesting discussion with another mother on how never to lose your temper with your child, and how to always allow them to choose between multiple choices. My take? We, the parents, are human too. We will lose our tempers now and then. Doesn’t mean we are terrible parents. I think the important thing for us is to ensure that the children understand that feelings are not all that bad, showing feelings is natural, and at the end of the day, even if we lose our tempers some times, we still love them and will always be there for them. Honestly, I think never losing your temper and discussing everything in an eerily calm manner is unnatural and unreal, and not a realistic environment for a kid to grow in. Tempers are lost; how we recover is an equally important life skill.

The other thing is about choices. I’m all for giving choices, but isn’t it equally important for kids to realize that sometimes there’s really no choice (or Hobson’s choice at best, if you insist)? Sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and get on with it (like going to school! :D), no?

All in all, I stand by my view that parenting ought to be tailored to the personality of the kids and their needs. Blindly adopting popular fads is rather risky.

2. I just hate old age. I’ve begun to hate it with a vengeance. The way it erodes the confidence, wreaks havoc on the body, plays games with the mind, strips dignity, burdens with helplessness… I feel I will never wish anyone “Aayushman bhav” again!

3. I attended a meditation class. My left brain always starts to tingle during the initial stages of any kind of meditation. This time, apart from the tingling, tears just rolled down my cheeks. I didn’t really feel any emotion, it was just tears rolling down. I felt incurious about them. I just let them roll their way down and they dried out on their own. Apparently, it is an outlet for suppressed emotions (from what I read up on the internet). Really?

4. Was reading up on depression and suicides and then Robin Williams happened. Almost as if it was inevitable. The way this fantastic person touched so many lives was almost too much to behold. The outpourings of grief were genuine, aching, the tears heartfelt. The inherent goodness some people possess shines through (like Kannada superstar Dr. Rajkumar).

5. Maids are both a blessing and a pain. Managing them takes more than an MBA.

6. I sometimes surprise myself with the amount of work I manage to fit into a day. Some days I’m so lazy, but the days that are packed teach me how strong I can really be. The proverbial last straw on the back is still a few straws away.

7. My body’s grown rusty. It creaks and needs oiling. I’m still making up excuses. When will I ever learn?

There — all nicely raked up into a heap.

OK, a few stray ones here and there, but I will ignore them for now. 🙂

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