More. Or Less

The other day I went to McDonald’s and ordered takeaway.

I wanted just burgers and fries. I didn’t want any drinks. The cashier had this smile on her face when I placed the order.

Cashier: Ma’am, if you take the combo, it will be cheaper
Me: Yes, but the combo includes drinks, and I don’t want any.
Cashier: So your order is just burgers and fries?
Me: Yes
Cashier: But ma’am, the combo is cheaper.
Me: Yes, but the combo comes with drinks, right? I don’t want any drinks.
Cashier: Ma’am, take the combo. It will be much cheaper. Otherwise, it will be more costly.
Me: I know. But I don’t want the drinks
Cashier: But combo is cheaper, ma’am.
Me (giving up): OK, give me combos.
Cashier (with a satisfied smile): Your bill amount is X.
Me (to Lil D): Right now, I feel so much like a customer from Not Always Right!


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