Out Rage

A couple of months ago, I had a pleasant surprise. I was invited to judge a debate at a college. As I walked into the college, it brought back fond memories of my own college days. One other classmate and myself were practically always the debate champs; almost always one of us would win the first prize and the other would win the second.

It was a really long time since I had witnessed a college debate (probably never after my college days!), so I was looking forward to the experience.

The topic was very relevant: Should the punishment for rape be capital punishment?

I listened to both sides, which went along predictable lines. Deserving it vs. being humane, not deserving of another chance vs. being given a chance to reform, and so on.

Then, the final speaker came up. She was against capital punishment for rape. As I listened, I was rather taken aback. In a rather fiery speech, she said that she was against capital punishment because it was not barbaric enough! She wanted the rapists tortured and made to relive the trauma of the victim(s). Capital punishment was too cushy a ride which they didn’t deserve.

Needless to say, she walked away with the first prize.

That point came back to me over the past few days, what with the horrific Badoun rape, and other articles in the paper.

Whenever I think of the horrors that the victims must have suffered at the hands of the perpetrators, I can’t help but agree. I never thought I’d be so bloodthirsty, but I want these guys to quake in their boots, wet their pants, and have nightmares for the rest of their lives.

Indifference to this unspeakably despicable crime simply has to go!

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