Smooth Sailing

As a parent, you are always on the lookout for “inspirational” stuff, be it books, movies, or people. You want your kids to look up to and learn from such sources and become true heroes for themselves in life.

Bollywood is not a very good source unfortunately. Most of the movies have way too much innuendo or violence to view comfortably in a family setting, and the ratings are absolutely no help.

Hawa Hawaaii is an exception. You can take your kids to this movie and be assured that they will not only enjoy it, but also perhaps be a little inspired by it. It is a straight-forward story of Arjun, the poor kid, naturally the underdog, who overcomes all odds to learn skating and win his first race that will hopefully serve as a stepping-stone to other successes. His band of supporters include a passionate coach who undergoes his own learning curve, a bunch of friends who egg Arjun on to achievement, and a loving mother and grandma.

To be honest, the movie could have been slicker, the editing and screenwriting a bit tighter. The absence of the dark side of both kids and adults makes it a very smooth and predictable ride, and the inherent drama of Arjun’s life is not really sufficient to keep us on the edge of our seats. Personally, I would have liked the movie to have been presented from the coach’s point of view. I think that would have struck a chord with the audience. There were so many little story arcs that would have benefited with a little more treatment to tie up loose ends.

Overall however, the movie was refreshing in its non-preachy candour, realism taking the upper hand over sensationalism. That is such a welcome change, so here’s to many many more such movies.

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