Grace Under Fire

The elections have come and gone. The euphoria of an overwhelming mandate is settling down. And I am afraid for Modi.

Day after day, I come across articles and posts and comments that are downright abusive against Modi. The hatred is naked, the name-calling vicious, the maligning relentless. Insidious articles are already at work, gnawing away at the credibility of the mandate. Even before the new government comes to power, open letters galore advise Modi on the list of “right” things to do, warning him of dire consequences if he dares otherwise. Funny, I don’t recollect as many open letters, threatening or non-threatening, to our erstwhile PM (to perhaps develop a spine, amongst other things) or the obviously incompetent and corrupt Congress government.

Honestly, I am quite disturbed by the overt, vitriolic intemperance. What is sorely lacking is the the grace to accept the resounding and definitive mandate that the country gave this man. How about putting our differences aside, and putting the nation first? How about respecting the fact that the mandate was undoubtedly for Modi as PM, respecting the fact that the nation did vote overwhelmingly for him, and respecting the office that he will occupy? He has earned it, fair and square, and the very least one can do is to respect that, regardless of whether one supports his policies or not.

What surprises me most is that many of those indulging in such attacks are people whom I consider rational, fair, and open-minded. This only leads me to conclude that when the shoe is on the other foot, advocates of open-mindedness find it very difficult indeed to be open-minded. It’s not exactly surprising, but just very disappointing.

One thought on “Grace Under Fire

  1. All of us live under the mass hypnotic effect of hearsay and media. Only animals, kids and those who don’t understand our language can be expected to express unbiased.

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