Karenji Anjaneya

I am ashamed to admit that I had absolutely no knowledge, not even an inkling of this temple!

I am acquainted with the area fairly well, and have always known about Dodda Ganesha and the Basava temples, apart from many other popular ones that dot the area. However, I was quite amazed to be guided by my sister through one of the frequently travelled bylanes, and then be suddenly greeted by this ancient temple tucked away almost secretly.

The main deity, Hanuman, stands tall and majestic, and is carved out of a single stone. Interestingly, there is a small window on the left through which Hanuman looks out at Rama, who is stationed in an adjoining temple built perpendicular to the main temple. Lil D was quick to spot the window and arrive at the correct conclusion, whereas I, more cynical, did not immediately think this was true, until I saw for myself the giant eyes of Hanuman peering out of the window.

Reminds me of the Alchemist. Going all around the world, only to discover such treasures in your own backyard. A lesson indeed.

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