Thindi Beedhi

The disadvantage of being a local is that all the must-do-must-see things listed about your place are things you never really bother doing, even if it is just a stone’s throw away from your residence. It’s not as if familiarity breeds contempt, it’s actually more of ignorance or plain disinterest.

I’ve been trying to remedy that of late with respect to Bangalore. I’ve ticked off eating at MTR and Vidyarthi Bhavan, admired the Gavi Gangadeshwara temple, taken the Lal Bagh nature walk, done the rounds of Visvesvaraya museum and Venkatappa art gallery…you get the picture.

One of the things on the list for quite some time was Food Street or Thindi Beedhi. Now I’ve been to Sajjan Rao circle many a time in the past, but had never paid much attention to its surroundings. The only thing of note was VB Bakery as far as I remembered. Somewhere along the line, Thindi Beedhi floated from the periphery to the centre of my awareness, and it became a TO-DO item.

This item was finally ticked off recently. A group of us went to Thindi Beedhi, eager to see and taste and tuck in all that it offered. The hype was not at all exaggerated. The place was teeming with food, food and more food. Piping, and I really mean, piping hot dosas, paddus, akki rotis, holige (puran poli), bajji, bonda, masala vada, lip-smacking corn chaats, yummy masala sodas and golas, drool-worthy gulkand with ice-cream…God, it’s making me hungry all over again! 🙂 And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Everything was finger-lickin’ good, and we were sweating not just because of the hot weather, but because we were stuffing ourselves silly! We promised ourselves we’d be back to savour all the dishes we hadn’t been able to taste. There’s enough to go around for at least another half-dozen visits for sure.

The best part of it was that none of us fell sick after eating all that street food.

I’m so glad that there’s a must-see-must-do list. Without it, look at all the good YUMMY stuff I would have missed! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Thindi Beedhi

  1. And you are right about not doing certain things when you are a local. When I worked in Mumbai, my colleague, a girl who’d been in Mumbai all her life, told me that she’d never been to Juhu beach. 🙂

    • I think it’s a world-wide phenomenon. But missing out on food is a crime that must be remedied at once. 🙂

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