Of Days Gone By

Whenever I meet someone after a long time, I am surprised by the amount of information I have shared with them in the past. They ask after my entire family, including babies born at the time of my association with them! I, on the other hand, can barely recollect any information about them!

The other thing that amazes me is the kind of memories they are able to dredge up from their very early childhood. I’ve come across people who have recollections of incidents when they were two years old! I am hard put to remember anything earlier than when I was maybe seven or eight.

I guess this is probably to do with my nature of letting go very quickly. I’m not saying I have a deep philosophical understanding of how ephemeral time is, but somehow, I’ve never been the sort to cling on to the past. There are definitely some incidents that have shaped my life and made me who I am today, but by and large, I quickly forget the past, or rather, am ok with just a hazy picture rather than every little detail.

This is probably why I don’t get too attached to cameras on trips too. Later on, when I look at the pictures, I don’t feel very emotionally moved or get too nostalgic.

Sometimes, I wipe out the memories quite completely. My mom was shocked when she realized that I really didn’t recollect *anything* about a trip to Tirupathi.

This tendency does lead to a little embarrassment when I bump into old friends and they seem to have such clear memories of the days gone by, whereas I draw a partial, if not total, blank!

When I sometimes encounter someone who does nurse every memory with tons of TLC, I feel really overwhelmed. I can’t help imagine the amount of resources used to remember so much!

TO be honest, though, it’s not that I have a really bad memory. I can remember a chain of events quite precisely. It’s almost as if it’s not that I lack the ability to remember, I just don’t care enough to remember most things (that sounds bad, doesn’t it?!).

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? No idea. But I do like the fact that I don’t tote baggage around. Who knows, maybe it’s all deeply suppressed and will come to haunt me when I’m old and doddering! 😀 Till then, I guess it’s best I just forget about it. 😉

2 thoughts on “Of Days Gone By

  1. Let’s just say that you remember the essential things. Like Sherlock Holmes, who thought it was a waste of space in his head to know useless things like the fact that the earth goes around the sun.

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