Mercury Rising

It’s hot out here. Every year, it appears that my erstwhile garden city is only getting hotter and hotter. I’ve noticed that conversations mostly open with the weather — isn’t it hot? I’ve never felt this hot before here. (Come rainy season or winter, you can just replace the adjective!)

Added to this is of course the election fever that’s whipped up our country into a right royal frenzy. I honestly don’t remember any election that has been so vitriolic, with supporters so polarized as to become quite fanatical. The gloves are off; heated debates and unrestrained mud-slinging are the order of the day.

I thought early this year I was clear on my vote, but right now the waters are so muddied that I need to draw back and take a fresh look at everything all over again. Does one look at the candidate or the party? Does one look at local or national level politics? How does one react to the various undoubtedly one-sided reports that keep getting flung at the detractors? How much research can one do vs. rely on others’ opinions?

I haven’t watched a TV debate in months. I skim thru the headlines of the newspaper in an effort to not be overwhelmed by the arguments that boil over on the front pages. I do rely on the opinions of a few that I respect, and whom I can rely on to present an unbiased opinion. I do read reports that appear to have something concrete to offer.

But the unsettling part of it is that every time some deep-rooted belief is uprooted, there is a readjustment of views all over again, like getting tested for new glasses. I’m all for being open, but sometimes, it pays to be an ostrich and bury yourself in your own views!

I suppose it is a good sign that people are so passionately involved in the entire exercise this time. I was pretty sure of the outcome, but now I am more uncertain. I’m beginning to think that we’ll end up with a hung parliament, furious horse-trading, and an entirely unsuitable PM in the chair. I’m hoping and praying that this isn’t the case. I guess only time will tell.

So have you made up your mind who your vote will be in favour of? There’s still time to change it, you know 🙂

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