Reading Aloud

One of the most appealing things about having a kid was this picture of me reading aloud and the kid listening in rapt attention. There is something so beautiful about reading aloud to a kid, something which tugs at my heart-strings.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, Lil D hated me reading aloud to her. She was so restless, grabbing the book, biting it if possible, standing up, rocking, being everything but that ideal kid in the picture! There were some books that she did enjoy, but most of her reading as she grew older was done by herself, or me listening to her. I tried to share some of my favourite books with her by reading aloud, but she would soon fall asleep. So my dream remained unfulfilled.

However, about a week ago, when I went to the library, I took my friend’s litte son along with me. I hadn’t been with a three-year old in a long time, so it was quite the relearning experience for me. I had to walk slowly, look around, look at things that I would have otherwise missed, and in general, it was lovely. When we reached the library, he began to wander around and ended up picking a Noddy book. He waved it so excitedly that I was delighted. When we reached his home, I asked him if he wanted me to read the story for him. He nodded, and I began. He was the absolute darling audience ever! He listened to the story, looked at the pictures, asked me what he was doing and she was doing, laughed at all the right places, and all in all, enjoyed the story to the hilt. I was so overjoyed by this experience that I made an on-the-spot offer to my friend to read to her son every day!

Today too, we read a story together. He sat on my lap as we read, asking so sweetly: And then? And then? That picture in my head came true and it fills my heart with so much joy. Happiness is indeed reading aloud to a little kid! đŸ™‚

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