The Old Order Changeth?

On the one hand, we have such clowns in our governing bodies. Topless protests, mayhem in assemblies, stalled parliaments…we’ve more or less given up, I think, on the entire system. If you look at the scenario, you would think that we are quickly sliding into complete chaos. And perhaps you would not be completely wrong, because it does seem that systems are failing, nay, crumbling all around us. What can we do, we shrug helplessly, what can we do?

Yet, on the other hand, there are citizens all around fighting tirelessly against this downslide. Committed citizens, who are doing everything they can in their power to clear up the mess. I’ve already written about our RWA. They’ve done wonderful work, and this video should give you an idea of the lengths they go to make our neighbourhood a model one.

And then this news that was shared with us. I think this is just marvelous! Another successful attempt by concerned citizens to stem the rot. Hats off to them! These are the things that give me hope that all is not lost in this country. To paraphrase that famous quote: They make me want to be a better citizen.

Here’s hoping the old order really changes, yielding place to a much better new one.

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