Nailing It

It’s wonderful that Lil D is absolutely nothing like me. It’s been a great education on a very different perspective of life. There are so many things I have learnt to view differently, and I must thank Lil D for that.

One of these things is nail art. I have never been inclined to grow or paint my fingernails. The few times I did it, I felt all irritated and crotchety till I had them unvarnished and short as usual. It became a non-issue for me, though I did get turned off by the ultra-long painted claws on some folks.

Lil D is fond of art. She is fond of drawing anywhere and everywhere, and while we have finally reached an agreement on the walls and cupboards of our house, the same cannot be said of her body! 😀 She loves mehendi (another thing I just could not stand, but appreciate nowadays) and all long school holidays commence with her getting her palms and hands decorated with the richly intricate designs outside the several Marwari shops that have suddenly dotted the landscape.

If I got bored in class, I would doodle in my notebook. Lil D comes back with various doodles on her wrists and palms. She loves temporary tattoos and chooses really cool ones. You get the picture, right?

The first time I was really startled by her nail art was when she decided to paint each nail a different colour. She must have been six or so. To my staid mind, this was such a crazy idea, but I stopped myself from restricting her. What was the problem if she had some fun?

That was just the beginning. Her nails have become a miniature canvas for her. She has tried half and half colours, three colours, two colours with little white dots, another time with white streaks…the combos and designs are endless. I can understand the fascination, I love the creativity, and I always look forward to what she will come up with next.

To turn from someone who hated painted nails to someone who admires the art in it (on other folks, that is :D), it’s certainly been quite a journey for me.

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