Shop Till You Drop

Today I did just that. Well, I didn’t literally drop to the floor but I’m pretty exhausted.

It’s no secret that I am far from a shopaholic. I shop only when absolutely necessary and it can’t be put off any more. I don’t particularly like sales because I end up wading through piles of useless stuff and never get what I really want. I try and keep the shopping time limited so that I am in and out as quick as possible.

Today’s shopping was a long overdue expedition. The list of things that had to be bought kept growing and growing like the tail of Hanuman. So off we left in the afternoon, all the Sunday household chores wrapped up well in advance. Went thru books and toys and phones and clothes and shoes patiently. We did manage to somehow fulfil our shopping list after nearly 6 hours. The number of zeros on the bill were of course inversely proportional to the bags we brought home. Only difference is that this time we are quite satisfied with the results.

Shopping is hard work. It’s not just about throwing your money around. To get value for your money as well as get something you really like and something similar to what you had in mind when you set out is really difficult. That aha! moment really has to happen if you want to buy something, else you end up feeling somewhat dissatisfied and cheated. Landing a bargain, especially if unexpected, gives you an added thrill.

I really think you need to have an aptitude for shopping. Otherwise, like me, you’ll end up just popping into the store and picking up whatever you can get for whatever price it is, which is not a very good thing.

Thank God I’m done, hopefully for this entire year!

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