With Great Freedom

The internet is a wonderfully democratic platform. No one can really be restricted from airing their views or pushing their agenda. However, this can work both ways.

Take, for example, the e-group for our apartment complex. It’s an excellent forum to exchange views, put out ads, bring to everyone’s notice some issue or problem, and basically exchange a whole lot of information which would otherwise be known to only a few people.

However, the flip side is when people start using this forum to complain and complain and complain, without offering any solutions, agreeing on any solutions offered up by others, or rolling up their sleeves and actually doing something about it. After all, what is easier than sitting in a comfy office and writing out a few lines, instead of actually talking to people and arriving at a solution?

As is the practice, the group that manages the complex is entirely made up of volunteers. I am not a member of this group, so I’m not posing as an advocate for them. The volunteers have their own lives to run, yet make the time to take care of things to make the lives of the residents smoother. Contrast this with the attitude of the residents who act like an entitled bunch and demand immediate solutions to their problems. I just don’t understand this attitude. The manner in which they complain or blatantly violate rules is so annoying; sometimes, you feel all they deserve is One Tight Slap!

Ultimately, when you are living in a community, there is a great need for co-operation. Freedom to vent is only one end of the stick. I wish these residents would not just vent in the virtual world, but also help to resolve the issues in the real world.

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