Food For Thought

Ever notice how you pronounce something confidently, and a few minutes later, the exact opposite happens, leaving you red-faced and embarrassed?

Well, I should have known better than to have confidently told my mom that we hardly ever eat out anymore, and we’ve cut down on eating out drastically. The next thing you know, we were going out for dinners and lunches continuously, while my mom suppressed a smirk and I suppressed the urge to shout — I was telling the truth! 😀

Amongst other places, I enjoyed my food at Fenny’s. A well-kept secret of Koramangala as far as we were concerned, this place had lovely ambience. The decor was rustic American (I am not an expert on decor, so I could be wrong), with logs and wicker, lovely little antique tables and chairs, sturdy benches, and a creative green glass-bottle structure overhanging the central kitchen. Since it is located on the terrace, there’s quite a bit of open space and nice breeze. We went for lunch on a weekday and it was quite empty. The food was quite good, and we had a lovely relaxed meal. Hard to believe it was already one year old, and we got to know about it only now.

The other place we went quite berserk was at Pascucci in Indiranagar. We were a rather large group and quite hungry at that. At first glance, Pascucci looks rather basic. We didn’t have very high expectations though we had heard that the pizzas were to die for. But the staff rallied and we were served fast and furious. We did our part well and ate like there was no tomorrow. I seriously gorged on the absolutely delicious salads. We saw the waiter taking the Greek salad out to someone else, so we waylaid him and asked for one of our own. Not enough the soup and salad and starters, the fabulous thin-crust wood-fired pizzas also disappeared in a trice. We just didn’t stop there. We had scrumptious desserts too, and wrapped up with coffee and heavenly almond biscotti. We even shamelessly demanded our share of the chocolates that were given to the kids at the end of the meal.

It was rather alarming, honestly, the way we feasted. I just could not bring myself to say no to any of the food, and I just had to have everything! It was as if an all-you-can-eat switch had been suddenly switched on inside me. What was worse was that the next day, I fully intended to skip breakfast, but I made such yummy rice sevai that I couldn’t resist having a bowl. I began to have visions of me eating non-stop, bloating and ballooning till I would not be able to rise out of my chair. It didn’t help that the programs I ended up watching were Eat Street and Food Safari and other food-related shows on Fox Traveler.

I’ve been trying to control myself since, hoping that I won’t get addicted to food at this age. But now I have to go to a friend’s house for breakfast. She is a fantastic cook and she’s promised glorious appams and stew and cake and….drooooooool!

Help! 😀

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