Hold That Drink!

On the Ultimate Airport Dubai show that I mentioned in yesterday’s post, there was a segment on handling troublesome passengers. It did not surprise me that in both cases shown, it involved Indian men who were drunk. It was rather shameful that one of them happened to be a Vice-President in a reputed financial corporation.

I’m not sure if it is a phenomenon specific to Indian men, but I just don’t get why they cannot refrain from drinking if they cannot hold their alcohol. I can understand twenty-somethings going berserk over alcohol. They are young and high-spirited in more than one sense, and who hasn’t heard of the infamous frat parties? I guess it’s just that age, where they are heady with freedom and are still not clued in on the responsibilities that come with it.

However, I find it rather sad when grown men drool at the sight of alcohol, and go crazy over free alcohol. Social drinking does not seem to figure in their lexicons. This problem gets magnified on international flights. I’m hesitant to label it as a specific Indian problem, because I have had, on just one other occasion, a rather noisy experience of a rambunctious Italian group that was liberally soaking up the good stuff.

The ‘coolness’ factor associated with drinking is also way too high. I have met quite a few people who feel that drinking is something great. I can understand if you are a connoisseur of fine wines, just like I can understand if someone is a gourmet cook and goes gaga over food. I don’t understand this “Look at me, I drink!” attitude. I have not yet been part of any group where the different liquors are discussed in an intelligent and appreciative manner. Perhaps it is because I don’t drink too much myself, indulging in just the odd glass of wine or margarita now and then, and hence am not in the right company. But the general attitude as I have observed appears to be: Have alcohol, will get sozzled.

I honestly don’t mind people who drink. What I find it hard to stomach is the drinking till one goes out of control. Not everyone is an alcoholic. I am sure some self-control can be exercised. Then again, like so many other things, perhaps it’s easier said than done.

2 thoughts on “Hold That Drink!

  1. Men are commonly the culprits, but I remember an incident from way way back. About 25 of us went to a training offsite, where a lady colleague took a fancy for one of the trainers, an ex-Army Captain! We would not have known it, but for the fact that after a peg or two, she decided to make it crystal clear to the world – in this case limited to her colleagues. To the credit of those managing the offsite, they managed to get her to the tent, even as she was shouting out the name of the Captain, and put a guard outside just in case! She apologised to the trainer the next morning is what we heard, and also stayed away from alcohol that night at dinner šŸ™‚

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