Little Drops

Remember that saying — Little drops of water make a mighty ocean?

Yesterday, I watched two TV shows. Both brought home the fact everything is made up of little drops. One drop out of place and you could have a veritable tsunami on your hands.

The first show was called Ultimate Airport Dubai (didn’t know this was a 10-episode documentary!) This provided an insight into the nitty-gritties of getting a massive airport to run smoothly without any hitches. They showed, apart from other things, ground dispatcher Nigel Fernandes running against the clock to get an A-380 that just arrived from London, ready for departure to Munich. The number of things to be checked off on his checklist and the sheer numbers of workers involved was something to marvel at. Unforeseen circumstances like a container getting stuck while unloading and a missing oxygen cylinder only added to the adrenalin pumping. Every action had to be both meticulously planned and executed. Even a couple of minutes delay could lead to an avalanche of events, resulting finally in disgruntled passengers. Nigel said he loved his job. We ought to be thankful for that!

The second was the Winter Olympics opening ceremony at Sochi. What an absolutely lovely spectacle it was! It made me think about the kind of planning that goes behind the scenes for an event on this scale. Even for say a 2-minute sequence, the kind of props, costumes, music, steps, choreography – phew! What an exciting challenge to be able to visualize and bring to life such a performance! Of course, I wonder what music the poor progam manager faced after this snafu! I was quite puzzled by it when I saw it. I didn’t realize it was a malfunction; in fact I wondered if I had somehow missed some fact that the Winter Olympics symbol was just four rings!! 🙂

In many counselling sessions I conducted with prospective candidates for employment, I have always underlined that no matter how small your job is, or how insignificant it may seem to you, it does have an impact. Doing your job well keeps wheels you might not even be aware of turning smoothly. I guess that’s the least one can do.

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