Oats for the Day

I was delighted when I came across this article this morning. Delighted because, without my knowledge, I was NOT screwing up my oats!

My father has oats every night. That’s his dinner. I make it for him in the microwave. Exactly 1.5 cups of water to 4 spoons of oats, for 2.30 minutes. And then, I add the splash of milk. So, according to this article, the oats should turn out creamy. And they do, they do!

Lil D also had this phase where she was eating oats everyday for breakfast. I was ok with it, till my sister informed me that it wasn’t the ideal breakfast for kids. Apparently, she was feeding oats to my nephew (he wasn’t well), and the doc advised her against it. He said that it was more suitable for senior citizens who cannot chew or digest things easily, and also need a diet that is low in salt and sugar. For growing children, according to him, oats does not provide the required nutrition adequately.

I was quite happy to use this information to dissuade Lil D from her daily oats, because she ends up barely eating a spoon of it. I’d rather she eats an egg for breakfast, since that has a lot more nutrition packed into it.

We also noticed that oats appears to flush the bladder out. Don’t know if this is a proven fact (too lazy to google). We’re assuming that this is a good thing, but who knows? 🙂

Personally, I don’t mind my oats. I eat it without salt or sugar, but with almonds and walnuts. Why do I like it? You know me, I’d rather do anything else than cook, and oats is such a no-fuss preparation. I’ve never tried variations like oats upma or oatmeal cookies. I’m not likely to try it in the future either. But oats itself? Anytime.

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