Overwhelming October

Take a perfectly ordinary October.

Add an annoying itchy allergy that does not let up. Follow that up with a doctor’s visit and a bushelful of medicine.

Toss in a little brainstorming for a 25th year college reunion with emails, calls, and a dinner.

Stir constantly with innumerable visits to various doctors flung out over the city to get the green signal for a parent’s cataract operation.

Put in dance coaching for child and friend for a dance competition, besides frantic last-minute preparations for various school contests.

Simmer with a stuffy sinus and a throat that feels like it’s been packed with prickly golf balls.

Toss in a sudden change at the workplace with the boss-from-heaven quitting and deadlines looming over horizon.

Add a big piece of action for a rather unplanned Rajyotsava performance on Obavva by the kids, and turn up the heat with direction, rehearsals, props, costumes, and a house turned upside down.

Stir vigorously with parent’s cataract operation and follow-up visits to the eye clinic.

Finish up with the grand finale performance and the celebratory fireworks that follow.

Take a deep breath and hope for a Normal November!

Hope you had a great Diwali! 🙂

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