Your Last Day

I’ve been bumping into the statement “Live each day as if it were your last” quite a bit these days.

It got me thinking. Now I do understand what they’re trying to say. But I was just musing that if I were to literally live each day as if it were my last, I would lead a very dull life indeed. 😉

You see, if I could choose, I would like to spend my last day on earth at home, surrounded by my close family and friends. We’d have a good meal together, laugh and chat, and then I’d go off to bed and never wake up.

Now imagine doing this every day! 🙂 (I’d be exhausted; I need my alone time too much to enjoy this on a daily basis)

I prefer the statement “Live every moment”.

This makes you savour the little moments that make life worth living. That smile you share with your loved one, the sound of little voices, the smell of melt-in-your-mouth biryani wafting up as you wait for the elevator, the cuddly softness of a little baby, the twinkle in your parents’ eyes, the voice of a dear one on the phone, the laughter shared amongst friends…

Needless to say, the two statements are complementary in spirit.

Still, if it had any sense, the first statement would steer clear of me for some time to come! 🙂

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