Student Of The Year

…or should I say, my life?! 🙂

I was tucking Lil D into bed last night after a long evening of “preparing” for Teachers’ Day. She had spent considerable time making a lovely quilling card for her teacher and it was quite late. We were generally chatting when this happens.

Lil D: Do you know who my favourite teacher is?

Me: (super-confident) Ms. A? (she shakes her head)

Me: (a little puzzled, for I know Ms. A is her absolute favourite of all time) Ms. P? (she shakes her head)

I try to think who else could be her favourite teacher. At this point, with a big smile, she points her finger at me.

Lil D: You are my favourite teacher!

Me: (surprised) Me?

Lil D: Yes, you. You are the only one who can explain anything to me, whatever I don’t understand, and make me understand.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to bits. And moved, of course. This morning, she woke up and gave me a big hug saying “Happy Teachers’ Day!”

Thank you, Lil D! I cannot imagine life without you!

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