Free Speech

I recently was conducting mock interviews for candidates at EnAble India, and there were a couple of interesting issues I faced.

A few of them were from North India and were not very comfortable with English. However, when we lapsed into Hindi, they turned out to be remarkable candidates with good technical skills. It struck me as so ironic that language turned out to be a barrier to communication, when it ought to be an enabler.

A couple of them had a speech impediment. Now the very nature of interviews is to conduct them orally, so this became a barrier. It became a challenge to get past the impediment and get to the real personality of the candidate. It made me wonder why interviews were conducted the way they were, and what alternatives, if any, exist.

Now, in regular interviews, the interviewer(s) is not particularly interested in communicating in a different language, nor can we assume patience in the evaluation of the candidate.

So then, the challenge for the candidate is to really let their personality shine through so that the interviewer is hooked. Perhaps an introductory video or a write-up or a quirky presentation? What do you think? Any ideas?

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