Two Steps Back

Back from Chennai Express, and had to say something about it!

Ever since self-referential Bollywood humour has become quite the norm, it has lost its edge with overuse. Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal 3 evoked quite a few laughs with Mithun’s lines, but with SRK, they acquire a tired look. So the laughs are few and far between.

The other thing which hit me in the face like the shovel in SRK’s hand at the very beginning of the movie was the absolutely regressive climax. It gave me a little hope when SRK began lecturing DP’s dad about not letting girls be independent despite 66 years of independence in this country (though I did wonder why he needed to be lecturing her dad). Alas! It was too much to expect from a ‘masala’ movie. SRK went on to bravely bash up the opposition, all macho and bloodied, while DP looked on with tears streaming down her cheeks, struggling against the iron grip of her dad. This was just way too 80s for me! Do we still need this ‘I-will-fight-to-the-death-for-her’ stereotype? Couldn’t DP have been made of sterner stuff? She did appear quite tough in the beginning.

This was such a disappointment, but then again, I am being a stupidly unrealistic optimist when it comes to Bollywood. Serves me right!

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