Experiencing The Experience

Silly me, but I felt rather vindicated when I read this article.

Especially these lines:

“Not every experience needs to be documented. And in over-documenting, we often don’t experience the experience”.

I had written something along similar lines earlier, though in a rather bad-tempered mood.

Strangely enough, I find it very difficult to take to photography for the very same reason. Once, at Lil D’s summer camp, I got extremely annoyed with myself because I missed more than half her performance, simply because I was concentrating on getting the video right. I decided that I would never again tote a camera to Lil D’s performances, and that I would soak it all in instead of viewing through a limited screen.

On trips, I try to get the standard “I’m-standing-here” pics out of the way as quickly as possible, so that I can actually enjoy the moments. Not to, in any way, detract from the fantastic photographers out there; it’s just that I keep feeling I’m missing out on the real thing every time I try to find that picture-perfect view or angle.

In many ways, photography is like writing — trying to distil the essence of what you want to convey. However, writing has the luxury of not being time-bound. You can stop and go as you wish. Photography, however, is very in the moment.

So nowadays, instead of snapping up the same scene several times (albeit at different points in the journey; don’t you hate when that happens?) and then wondering what on earth I was thinking when I view them later, I keep a safe distance from the camera and just savour the moments instead. I leave it to my shifting and unreliable memory to remember whatever it can — that does makes life more colourful, doesn’t it?

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