Suit-able Woman

My niece really likes the TV serial Suits. So when I happened to catch it some time back on Comedy Central (strange choice of channel), I began to watch it. And I loved it.

As I watch Season 2 now, the one character that draws me in quite completely is Jessica Pearson, played superbly by Gina Torres.

(Pic courtesy

What makes her interesting is that she is so human. She is not portrayed as some superwoman battling the world on her own. She knows how to lead, she knows how to delegate, she fights like hell especially when her back is to the wall, and she doesn’t reduce herself to a caricature of a man. She is as feminine and beautiful as they come, and she knows how to play hardball most elegantly.

I really like the way the character has been fleshed out and Gina Torres fits the part so beautifully. Every character is interesting in this serial, but the one I always look out for is Jessica.

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