Na Jaane Queue


I sincerely wish that schools covered basic social etiquette. I am so fed up of the awful public behaviour of people in general that sometimes I have violent fantasies of bashing sense into their heads.

Take for instance the simple mechanism of a queue. You join the end of the queue when you arrive. You stand one behind the other. You await your turn. Your issue gets addressed. You exit. This is not rocket science. This is as keep-it-simple-stupid as possible.

Yet, we have such a way of making this an absolute nightmare. Every single rule is violated at every step.

You join the end of the queue when you arrive: Even if there are just three people in the queue, one simply has to try and break in. Sometimes, I have seen people completely ignore the queue and go straight to the counter (or whatever), oblivious to the looks-that-could-kill directed at them. If someone admonishes them, they either turn belligerent or feign ignorance. Oh, how I dearly wish to punch their faces at this juncture!

You stand one behind the other: Of course not! One must stand next to the other person, one must create parallel queues, one must spread out such that the queue resembles a fat, hungry caterpillar instead! I honestly feel like screaming at them sometimes. Is it so difficult, dammit?!

You await your turn: One’s turn is always just after the person at the counter, irrespective of the position in the queue. There has to be jostling, elbowing, pushing and shoving, crowding around the counter, basically anything but waiting.

Perhaps I should see the glass half-full instead of half-empty. Perhaps there is a business opportunity here. Perhaps I should start a course on Queue Management and Survival!

Honestly, it angers, saddens and depresses me that such a simple mechanism for maintaining order is so unnatural for the majority to follow. It shows clearly where our values lie and that is not at all encouraging.

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