Who’s the Youngest of ‘Em All?

I seldom pass judgement on other people’s parenting. To each his or her own has always been my policy. However, I was simply appalled when I read this article.

She’s just six years old, for crying out loud! The amount of artificial stuff going on in her life is horrifying. Buying expensive jewellery and shoes is one thing. I can even stomach a voice coach. But acrylic nails, regular spray tans, hair extensions…hello! And rivalry with a four-year old — yeah, we definitely need more of that.

I agree that girls do like dressing up and stuff. Lil D herself enjoys dressing up, and she and her friends sometimes spend an afternoon experimenting with make-up. But that’s it. It’s not a regular feature of their lives; they still spend most of their time cycling or swimming or playing board games or watching a movie together.

There needs to be a balance for everything. Childhood is for learning, exploration, discovery and fun. Perhaps the child in question is doing all of this for all I know. But even so, just like kids dancing for ‘Sheila ki jawaani’ with pelvis-thrusts and bosom-heaves leave me highly uncomfortable, this little beauty queen just makes me feel very, very sad.

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