Moments Like These

Everywhere you turn, there’s so much pressure to live your life king-size. Every ad you see urges you to make the most of every moment, every mail that is forwarded stresses on the fact that you are losing out on every precious moment, every article you read emphasizes that if you are not doing x or y or z, your life is just not worth living!

In the middle of all this relentless pushing towards making every moment in your life COUNT, we seem to forget that much of our lives are not momentous events that need to be captured live and broadcast in high definition. Much of our lives is doing the mundane, attending to the basic needs and necessities, oiling the wheels of our lives if you will.

Of course it’s boring, unattractive, and the complete opposite of spectacular. There is little cause to celebrate Each and Every little moment. Yet, the way things are presented nowadays, we are complete failures if every meal is not a gourmet meal, relished slowly over a chilled glass of wine, if we are not driven by high passion every minute at work, if we don’t particularly enjoy the company of our children sometimes, or if we are not leaping off planes or climbing rocks or opening restaurants.

I know I must be sounding like a complete grouch. But it annoys me sometimes, this tendency to put everything and anything on a pedestal and to worship it as if it were God’s gift to mankind!

Yes, there are many times when I marvel at the sheer wonders that man and nature achieve, the fantastic achievements that are sometimes too good to be believed, the passion that drives people to excel and achieve spectacular success. I do absolutely acknowledge and admire both nature’s and mankind’s bounty.

However, I am so tired of this breathless hyperbole that appears to have become the norm rather than the exception. Perhaps we are living in exceptional times!

Honestly though, I’d like a break.

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