Ad Infinitum

If there’s one thing that parenting has taught me, it is the importance of sheer repetition.

It seems to me that I repeat the same instructions/advice/stories and there’s no apparent effect whatsoever. Sometimes it feels like you’re up against a brick wall!

There appears to be some sort of threshold before the repetitions have any effect. But, there is a gradual tapering off and the effect is soon lost, maybe forever. Somewhat like the graph below (Repetitions on the x-axis, Effect on the y-axis :D).


But what I’ve learnt from my own experience is that these homilies lurk under the surface and spring up at the right moment, when the “advisor” is not around. It is a kind of powerful conditioning that stops you in your tracks and directs your actions down a different path. So though I moan about how I need to keep on and on, like this absolutely hilarious song, I realize I’m handling a powerful parenting tool. If used right, it could hit the nail on the head. Otherwise, I might just end up smashing more than just a few thumbs.

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