A Pinch of Salt

The Insider’s View by Javid Chowdhury is a fascinating book that gives concrete shape to the vague ideas we have about how the bureaucracy functions in our country.

Amongst other interesting nuggets, there was one episode that involved a kind of face-off with Vajpayee. It was regarding the sale of non-iodized salt. A ban had been introduced on the sale of non-iodized salt since iodized salt was deemed to be a safer and easier way to prevent diseases such as goitre, etc., on a wide scale. Vajpayee wanted this ban to be lifted and had his way.

This made me curious about what the current state of affairs was. Is the sale of non-iodized salt banned or not? I had no clue.

A little googling appears to indicate that the ban is still under debate. And contrary to what I imagined, people are actually not very happy with this state of affairs. In fact, there appears to be a petition to lift this ban. The Supreme Court, reading the fine print rightly, has even deemed this ban unconstitutional.

I’m still pretty confused about the state of affairs, and whether the decision is right or not. Perhaps I should take all this with a pinch of salt! 😀

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