Movie Magic

Lil D is a die-hard Bollywood fan. Unfortunately, the movies that the giant Bollywood factory churns out are hardly wholesome fare for a kid. Too much slow-mo violence, risque dialogues and dances…and these are just the trailers! So I usually pick DVDs instead of older movies that are more suitable for “family viewing”.

However, a theatre experience is always different. So, the current crop of movies have come as a refreshing change, and we have been making the most of it. Barfi!, Oh My God, and English Vinglish were movies she could watch, understand somewhat, and enjoy, without me getting all paranoid. I do hope that Bollywood gets the message that we would like to watch “complete family movies” that don’t involve guys cheating on their wives and hitting on nubile young things in skimpy clothing.

More of the U-rated movies please! 🙂

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