I don’t normally read the newspaper in great detail. I skim through the headlines, noting the same depressing news everyday, laugh a little at the comics, and that’s it.

However, I read to an elderly lady twice a week. She’s a very erudite woman, an author and editor herself, a beautiful woman with the grace and old-world charm that you only read of in books. So I get a chance to read some very interesting books that I would never have chosen by myself, considering I lean towards fiction. Some days, I read the newspaper to her too.

Today, when I began reading aloud this article, I was rather horrified. Though I disagree with the author on some points (like holding the Indian state responsible for creating jobs), I too am aghast with the proposal. What sort of nonsense is being perpetrated in the name of legislation and female empowerment?

Appropriately, Little Brother was the last book I had to read for the Fantasy and Science Fiction course. It’s a great book, and I think everyone should read it. If there’s one lesson I can apply from it with respect to the story above, it is to be vigilant, to be more aware of what’s going on in the name of governance. We all know that we suffer from pretty poor governance, but by God, the devil’s in the details!

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