Good Things…

…come in little packages! 🙂

When I went down this evening for my usual time with friends, Lil D ran up, thrilled to bits about something.

She told us about a little adventure she had had. Apparently, she and a little boy about 4 years old were hanging about one of the (ground-floor) apartments to see a dog. When the dog bounded to the window, the little boy was startled, or perhaps scared, and fell off the ledge. He hurt his face, his lips were bleeding and, according to Lil D, there was quite a bit of blood.

Lil D carried the boy to the clubhouse where she cleaned him up, asked one of the ladies there to call up his mom, and consoled him in the meantime. When his mother came and took him home, Lil D accompanied them all the way to their house because they had a bicycle too, and she carried it up for them.

Lil D was so happy and proud of herself! It pleased me, yet it was nothing unusual. It was so typical of Lil D to do what she did — she loves to help out and take care of little children, and she always shows great initiative and presence of mind. I gave her a little round of applause for her good deed and patted her on the back.

The real surprise was when I received a call from the mother later. She narrated the same chain of events, and said that she was compelled to give me a call to acknowledge Lil D’s help. She was so impressed with Lil D, and said that she had never met a kid like her. She was sure that I was very proud of her, and asked me to give her a big hug.

Sometimes, we take things for granted. I took Lil D’s behavior for granted, and it took another mother to open my eyes to what a lovely good deed Lil D had done for the day. It was typical Lil D, straight from the heart.

Here’s hoping she never finds a reason to stop swooping to the rescue! Hey Superheroes, need any apprentices? 😀

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