Like A Duck To Water

A little more than two years ago, I recorded Lil D’s crossing her first barrier in swimming.

This summer, Lil D has truly found heaven in the swimming pool. She just absolutely loves swimming, and is always ready to take off in a jiffy and jump into the water.

It happened all of a sudden. From swimming close to the edges of the pool like a little tadpole, Lil D began doing laps with a little encouragement from her friends. I wasn’t even around! Within no time, she was swimming across the width of the pool, her little body threading its way across the blue.

This morning, something magical happened. My little one, for the very first time, attempted a lap along the length of the pool *without stopping*. It happened without warning, without proclamation. I could see her pushing herself, striving to achieve what she had set out to do. When she reached the other end, I saluted her from my perch, clapping silently in admiration and appreciation. I could see her exhausted little frame, not quite believing what she had accomplished.

Later, as we were returning home, she said very simply: Mamma, you were there, so I tried.

Sometimes, I guess we just need to be there. That’s all.

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