Drama Queens

So, the skit, sorry the musical skit, is finally over!

Needless to say, it was a success, and not just because the audience comprised solely of doting family members. The girls pulled it off with consummate ease, everything going as per plan with not a single mis-step.

The whole thing began when the girls were over at my place, wondering what to do. That’s when I suggested they put up a play for their friend who was not in town. The casual idea quickly took on a life of its own. The girls took a very simple theme — a sleepover that they had had when their friend wasn’t around — and decided to enact whatever happened during that sleepover to show her what she had missed. They included a ghostly twist and sleep-walking for some masala, and sang songs from The Sound of Music, since that’s the movie they watched during the sleepover.

Everything was handled by them. I was merely the errand boy, and was under their strict instructions. I loved the way they thought of imaginative props, such as a blue dupatta for a swimming pool, and blue confetti and streamers for water. They even had costume changes, which were handled perfectly.

In a lovely gesture, they crowned their friend as the “chief guest” with a handmade crown, and gave her a box of sweets as they sleep-walked!

All in all, everyone had a wonderful time.This is such a great way to have kids stay busy and get creative.

I was joking with them that we ought to do a real play in a real auditorium and get people to buy tickets to watch them. They are so taken with the idea that they have already decided that that’s what they will do next summer!

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