Fun in the Sun

Barely ten days into the summer holidays, and Lil D has already done the following:

1. Attended 4 pujas
2. Attended a birthday party that lasted nearly 7 hours
3. Watched Khubsoorat, Golmaal, Seetha aur Geetha, and Titanic in 3D
4. Eaten out nearly every other day, courtesy the round-robin schedule with friends
5. Went swimming almost every day for a mininum of 1.5 hours with friends
6. Painted each nail with at least two different colours, and all nails different colours
7. Changed her ear-rings at least fifteen times
8. Visited Wonder-La
9. Visited Vishweshwaraiah museum
10. Visited ISKCON temple
11. Had her very first sleep-over at a friend’s place
12. Earned at least three major bruises while playing, with one visit to the doctor
13. Played at least six different board games with friends
14. Went cycling almost every morning with friends
15. Read at least 20 books
16. Had a couple of vaccinations
17. Learnt to identify trees (thanks to Shruti)
18. Created a play along with her friends, to be staged for one of the friends who is away
19. Made costumes for above play
20. Started writing a story

I wish I was her. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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