A Sorry State

I’m definitely not the most politically aware or sensitive person, so let me warn you straight away that this is a rant based on my feelings about the state of affairs in Karnataka, rather than a point-by-point factual analysis. Perhaps my impressions are wrong — I certainly hope so!

Right now, the politics in my state is disgusting me. How much lower can it go?

BJP squandered away a golden chance to set right things in our state. Scam after scam, crisis after self-made crisis. Yeddy, with all due respect, now comes across not as an able administrator or a leader we can look up to. He comes cross as a power-hungry politician who will do anything to get back his CM gaddi. At least Gowda has a pleasant and permanent smile on his face! That’s what we’ve been reduced to — comparing physical attributes. What a crying shame.

Karnataka reminds me of the Indian cricket team — snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. All the main parties — Congress, BJP, and JD(S) — give me no hope at all. Such a sorry, sordid, dismal state of affairs.

I do hope we are able to pull up our socks and get going again, at least in my own lifetime. 😦

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