Counting Blessings

“It must be nice, being you!”

I got this message really late last night from someone very close. I understood where it came from, but it set me thinking (yes, once in a while I do that :D).

Was I happy being myself? Was it really nice? Well, I don’t have any experience being someone else, so it’s really hard to tell. But I guess I can’t complain. I guess to the outside world, I look pretty much happy and contented and well-settled. It’s true, too, to a large extent.

Yet, we all go through those terrible phases of “My life sucks” and “My life sucks the most”, and during those times, it is definitely not nice being yourself. During those dark and depressing moments, it is hard to feel good about life in general, and your own life in particular. Your entire life seems trivial and futile, and it feels like nothing will really get affected if you were to disappear with a poof!

But now, I have this sweet little message to keep me going whenever I feel I might as well jump off the balcony.

Yes, it is nice being me, especially when I receive such love and affection so unexpectedly. Thank you so much for that sweet thought!

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