Baby Talk

Lil D adores babies. It’s not just the “oh so cute!” stuff, it’s something deeply embedded in her, a visceral instinct that makes her gravitate towards babies. Even when she was as little as four years old, she would be lavishing her attention on a smaller baby and trying to carry it.

I remember once, after repeated admonishing to not attempt and carry babies, I asked her out of sheer helplessness – Why do you do it, Lil D? I tell you so many times not to do it, that you’re still small. If the baby or you falls, both of you could get hurt really bad. So why do you do it?

She looked at me, equally helpless: I don’t know, Mamma. When I see a baby, I just feel like that! She gestured to show something like emotion gushing out of her. I gave her a tight hug; I was overcome with the image of a little child like her trying to battle her emotions!

Very early, she had decided that she would be a baby doctor. She was also quite intrigued by pregnancy and the baby in the womb, so she made very clear plans. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, she would deal with pregnant women; on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, she would deal with new-born babies; Sunday was strictly for family!

So, it was not very surprising that her interest was piqued when I happened to mention to DH that Aamir and Kiran’s baby was a surrogate baby. What is surrogate, she asked immediately. I explained to her in simple terms. I said that usually the baby grows in the mommy’s tummy, but in this case, the mommy was having some problems, so they requested another lady to keep the baby in her tummy till it could be born.

Lil D’s response was classic Lil D.

So kind of that lady, she said, to keep the baby in her tummy!


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