RockStar Balance Sheet

Music +500
Ranbir Kapoor +300
Non-linear Narration +200
Nargis Fakhri -600
Last half-hour -300
Total +100

Movie rocks in many parts, but the negatives reduce a potentially great movie to just an eminently watchable one. The visuals and songs complement each other fantastically. They could have pulled a white blanket around themselves and we would not have been able to leave that world! πŸ™‚

Feel like the teacher writing on the report card of a really bright kid — Has the potential to do much better.

Never thought I would speak positively about Ranbir Kapoor — have never liked him or his acting much — but in this movie, he is the character, he is in the zone.

My mind is now a war-zone, with Sadda Haq and Kolaveri battling it out! Aaargh!

2 thoughts on “RockStar Balance Sheet

  1. It’s quite a nice movie, Pallavi. Pity the last part became kind of (unintentionally, I guess) hilarious rather than intense.

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