I was quite amused by this article in the papers today.

I guess it’s the age to be politically correct, for I can’t quite understand the fuss over this. From a house”wife”, we go to stay-at-home-“mum”. Is that an upgrade?

Many prefer the “stay at home mum” title because they consider caring for the children to be their primary role and believe household chores are now a shared responsibility with their husbands…

So wife = household chores? I didn’t know that! Interesting, this modern meaning, given that the origin of the word “wife” simply means “woman”.

And what about someone like me? I am a stay at home mum, but I’m also working in a full-time job, the only difference being that I work from home. A Stay-At-Home-Mum-But-Work-From-Home-Wife? 🙂

Honestly, why can’t we just call them non-working people? Even that, some may argue, has an implication that staying at home doesn’t entail work, which is of course, the absolute opposite. Perhaps we need a new word altogether! Any suggestions?

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