Joining The Gang

Lil D became an official cricket fan during the World Cup. She’s showing no signs of letting up — the recently concluded Champions’ League is an example. She’s been watching every match with great interest, and yesterday was no exception. Stern persuasion forced her to retire to bed early (after Mumbai Indians had batted), only because the next day was a school day. She scanned the headlines eagerly today and was sorely disappointed to see that RCB had lost.

DH got a taste of his own medicine. An avid cricket fan, he was totally put off by our team’s dismal performance in England, and he vowed not to watch the Champions’ League. However, Lil D kept changing channels to the matches every time they were played. He had no choice but to watch and get suitably annoyed! 🙂

Lil D is now collecting the Cricket Attax cards also. It’s a good thing they are only fifteen bucks a pack, so I don’t mind indulging her. A couple of months ago, I tried understanding what it was all about. Two boys, who are Lil D’s classmates, patiently (kind of) explained the whole thing to Lil D and me. I came away with a vague understanding, and Lil D and me are still not in agreement as to how you play with the cards.

It’s kind of amusing to see her get so much into the game even though she doesn’t know too much. She has this dramatic “Oh Maathey!” prayer that she lapses into every now and then. If anything, she makes the matches much more interesting!

Wanna guess who her fave player is?

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