Pinch Me…

…for I might be dreaming 🙂

What could be better than a lovely, royal holiday in Rajasthan?

The fact that I’ve won FIRST PRIZE in the Short Story category of the Unisun Reliance Timeout Writing Competition 2011!

If anyone had told me that I’d make a lakh* this year by writing just two stories, I would have laughed and declared them insane. (Not to mention getting published in three short story collections next year!)

This is just too much! Someone better tell Dame Luck that she’s left my tap running.

* It’s before TDS, but still, hot dog! 😀

6 thoughts on “Pinch Me…

  1. Pinch !

    p.s. : I must have tried like 10 times ( over past 2 weeks ) to post a comment here.. but wordpress (or my obsolete IE browser) is acting up.

  2. Ouch! 🙂
    Yes, I have issues with obsolete IE too – why can’t they let us be old-fashioned? 😦
    Thanks for all the comments, IW.

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