The PJ Genre

In the past week, I’ve come up with these real lame PJs. And I blame it all on Lil D’s friends, who started with this:

Q. Which two keys cannot open a door?
A. Donkey and Monkey!

Here are my additions. I’ve changed the answers because I don’t want to use the real names of Lil D’s friends, but you’ll get the drift.

Q. Which sea can you not swim in?
A. Tulsi

Q. Which knee can you not kneel on?
A. Avani

Q. Which tea can you not drink?
A. Drishti

Needless to say, the girls were highly tickled with the use of their names!

And a visit to the parlour triggered this one:

I asked my hair-dresser for advice. She gave me a cut-and-dried answer.

Save me, someone!

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